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The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) honors exceptional individuals -- leaders whose vision, creativity and energy have moved the entire corrugated industry forward -- in a program that recognizes the "Distinguished Leaders of the Corrugated Packaging Industry." This prestigious group includes:

  • Bruce Benson - FBA and ICCA President
  • William I. Flinn - Founder and CEO, Scope Packaging; AICC and ICPF Chairman
  • J. Richard Troll - ICPF and AICC Founder and President
  • Ronald Warll - Founder and CEO, Dicar Inc.
  • James McKinney - Vice President and General Manager, Lewisburg Container
  • William J. Sweeney - Senior Executive, Packaging Corporation of America; FBA and ICPF Chairman
  • Laurence C. Schiffenhaus - Co-Chairman, Schiffenhaus Packaging Corporation; AICC Chairman
  • Jack D. Grollman - President and Owner, Triangle Container; AICC and ICPF Chairman
  • Thomas G. Landaal - President, Landaal Packaging Systems; FBA Chairman
  • Ben Fiterman - CEO and Chairman, Liberty Diversified Industries
  • Harold G. Craddock - Founder and CEO, Triad Packaging
  • John C. Cooper, III - Legal Counsel, Fibre Box Association and its allied associations
  • William C. Akers - Founder and CEO, Akers Packaging Service; AICC and ICPF Chairman
  • Jack Schwarz - Founder and CEO, Schwarz Partners
  • Richard Sharfstein - Co-Founder and CEO, The Strive Group
  • Mort Ackerman - President, Ackerman Consulting Group
  • Hardy Sanders - Co-Founder and Chairman, Bates Container; AICC and ICPF Chairman
  • Marvin Grossbard - Founder and President, President Container
  • Edward Fienning - Founder and President, Kankakee Container and Sumter Packaging
  • Richard Hoerner, Sr. - President, Hoerner Boxes; Chairman, Hoerner-Waldorf Corporation
  • Paul Vishny - General Counsel, AICC - The Independent Packaging Association
  • Michael Harwood - Deputy CEO, Pratt Industries; World Containerboard Organisation Chairman  
  • James E. Haglund - Founder & CEO, Central Container & Display; AICC President
  • James B. Porter III - President of Business Development & Latin America, WestRock; FBA Chairman
  • Joseph R. Palmeri - CEO Jamestown Container; AICC President; FBA Board of Directors

These are the exceptional visionaries whose energy and talent have moved the industry forward in remarkable ways. These leaders are recognized for demonstrating a strong commitment to the continuing success of the global corrugated packaging industry. Each honoree will be permanently recognized as a member of the “Circle of Distinguished Leaders of the Corrugated Packaging Industry” at key industry meetings and on wall plaques displayed at the headquarter offices of ICPF's two sponsoring trade associations – AICC and the Fibre Box Association (FBA). In addition to a short video to be shown at an upcoming national AICC or FBA meeting, inductees or their families receive a handsome medallion plaque and a distinctive lapel pin. If the optional short video is developed, the inductee or his family will receive a DVD of his or her video recognition. 

Business colleagues, friends, and family are invited to bring honor to an exceptional individual through this special ICPF program. Nomination entails a single or group tax deductible contribution or pledge to ICPF of $15,000 -$17,500 (ICPF partner vs. non-partner nomination), that can be paid in one lump sum, pledged over time or collected through multiple smaller donations to ICPF made in the name of the nominee by companies and individuals. Most importantly, the net receipts are used by ICPF to fund programs to support the current and future workforce needs of the industry. Naming a corrugated industry leader to the ICPF “Circle of Distinguished Leaders” ensures that those who have made their mark on this global industry will receive a permanent tribute to their vision, their business acumen, and their commitment to excellence in support of the corrugated packaging industry. 

To acquire a nomination form or to learn more about making a nomination, contact ICPF at 703.549.8580 or e-mail  The deadline for making a nomination for the next possible induction (Spring 2020) is November 30, 2019.

2019 Induction Video for Joseph R. Palmeri
See the induction video for Joe Palmeri below:

2018 Induction Video for James B. Porter III 
See the induction video for Jim Porter below:

2016 Induction Video for James E. Haglund
See the induction video for Jim Haglund below:

Packaging Lab dedication at ICPF's most recently established packaging design lab in the
graphic design program at the University of Texas - Arlington (UT-A).

Executives and managers from ICPF corporate partners can be found on ICPF partner campuses throughout the year as a direct result of ICPF's notification of upcoming campus career and job fairs through its website calendar, and in particular, its placement of industry advisors and industry class room speakers. 

ICPF additionally conducts dedication ceremonies at new partner campuses where the morning dedication program is generally followed by an informal luncheon that enables ICPF corporate partners to directly meet and interact with students and faculty.

Packaging Lab Dedication at Bowling Green State University where ICPF recently introduced
the structural packaging design program into the visual communications (graphic design) department.

For more information on participating on a campus in your region, contact ICPF at

Corrugated packaging and displays is a $30.8 billion a year industry that is vital to U.S. distribution systems. Corrugated is the most frequently used shipping material because it is cost-effective, lightweight, functional and versatile. Over 90% of all products in North America are delivered or displayed in corrugated packaging at some point in their life cycle.

Corrugated packaging and displays is a "sustainable" industry. Corrugated is the most recovered form of packaging, with 93% of all containers produced being reclaimed for recycling. It is also a green industry. The forest products industry plants twice as many trees as are harvested on an annual basis.

Employment opportunities for the corrugated packaging and displays industry are everywhere. There are over 1,155 corrugated manufacturing and design facilities promoting continuous innovation, competition and providing jobs and benefits to more than 80,000 employees in nearly 1,000 cities and towns through the United States.

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