Educational Publications & Other Resources

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) offers student and faculty discounts for many industry materials published by corrugated packaging & displays industry associations.

Fibre Box Handbook The 75th Anniversary edition of the Fibre Box Handbook (2015) offers a wealth of information about the corrugated packaging industry's history, its diverse applications, a range of common box styles, rules and guidelines governing its effective use, testing procedures ensuring optimal performance, and the corrugated packaging & displays industry's role in improving the environment. The edition offers 30% more content than the earlier 22nd edition, with more detailed statistics, as well as, new and updated images and tables.  Faculty members and students can email or call 703.549.8580 to learn more about ICPF discount ordering on single or multiple copies of the Fibre Box Handbook or for any of the other publications listed on the websites below, Proof of student and university status will be required. For anyone else who would like to order the Fibre Box Handbook, please visit To view other publications available through the Fibre Box Association (FBA), click here.

AICC Publications Click here to view publications available through AICC, The Independent Packaging Association.

Antitrust Training Video   

The antitrust training video, that can be viewed by visiting this link, was created by AICC, FBA, and ICPF in collaboration with Foley & Lardner, FBA’s legal counsel, to provide education on antitrust laws and to assist employees and companies in making sure they maintain complete  compliance. The video outlines antitrust law and provides basic principles and guidelines to follow to avoid costly violations that could cause lasting and significant harm to employees, companies and the industry as a whole. Please note that although this video is designed to educate, it is intended to supplement, not to replace, individual company antitrust compliance policies and training programs. Additional supporting materials to the video include the FBA Antitrust Compliance Stoplight Teaching Tool and Antitrust Training Video Tips to Remember. The Antitrust Stoplight is not meant to be comprehensive, but to provide general guidelines on what companies and their employees can and can’t do at trade association events.