Additional Qualified Graduates Available for Hiring in 2020

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) continually works to attract the best and the brightest students for available jobs and internships within the industry.  Each year, over 750 students, who have a range of majors and minors, demonstrate their interest in a corrugated packaging & displays career by joining ICPF’s Corrugated Packaging Career Network, posting their resumes and applying for openings through ICPF’s Career Portal, and participating in ICPF’s educational programs and interactive broadcasts.

Throughout the Pandemic, many of ICPF’s Corporate Partners continued to actively recruit during this spring and summer.  However, there are dozens of candidates in ICPF’s career network who are qualified and available for 2020 career opportunities in production, sales, design, engineering and other corrugated packaging operations.  If your firm is  currently an ICPF Corporate Partner (or considering becoming an ICPF Partner) and has an opening for a recent or upcoming graduate, please contact ICPF at

Click here for information on a cross section of several of the available candidates who have resumes in ICPF’s career portal.