Holiday Weekend in New York

You can help support the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation's (ICPF) operations and programs by attending its annual Holiday Weekend in New York. Socialize and enjoy the best New York City has to offer during the holiday season. Network and strengthen your ties within the industry...all while supporting the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF)!

The event is the only annual fundraising event conducted by ICPF. Participants (manufacturing executives, box plant owners & executives, and service & supplier executives) and their spouses, or significant others, begin with a Friday evening reception at a special New York location.  On Saturday, guests attend a matinee of a Broadway hit or other special holiday production.  After free time on Saturday for more socializing, shopping and otherwise enjoying the holiday season in New York, there always is a Saturday evening ICPF reception and dinner at an iconic New York restaurant. In addition to participating, many corporate executives have invited clients, potential ICPF Corporate Partners, and rewarded key executives from their companies with this special holiday weekend function. There are corporate opportunities for sponsorship as well.  

Jeff Chalovich, President of Corrugated Packaging at WestRock, stated “It is a special opportunity to mix with peers in an informal social environment.  ICPF's holiday weekend is one of the most unique events in the industry.  Your participation supports ICPF, an important resource for our future.”  

The next ICPF Holiday Weekend in New York will be held Friday - Sunday, December 10 - 12, 2021

BW Papersystems, Fosber America, Pratt Industries and WestRock already have committed to sponsorships for the 2021 event.  Registration forms will be available in late April 2021.  Hotel rooms go quickly during the holiday season, so executives are encouraged to register and make their hotel reservations through ICPF early to guarantee room availability at the special group rate.  This year should be another early "sell out" with up to 55 couples participating.  We advise that couples register as soon as possible before the end of the summer.  And, a portion of the registration fee is fully tax deductible and supports ICPF's operations and programs.  We hope you can join us this year for another special, holiday weekend.


Click Here to download the 2019 program as a sample for 2021.

More specifics on the most recent 2019 event are below:

2019 Holiday Weekend in New York

ICPF's Holiday Weekend in New York (Dec. 13 - 15, 2019) served as ICPF's annual fundraiser where manufacturing and supplier executives, with their spouses or guests, could support ICPF while socializing and enjoying the best of New York City during the holiday season.

This year's participants began with a Friday evening reception at the historic Barbetta restaurant, sponsored by Pratt Industries.  After free time on Saturday morning for brunches, holiday shopping, sightseeing and museums, participants attended the Saturday matinee performance of the latest Broadway musical hit, sponsored by BW Papersystems.  Executives and their spouses or guests later participated in a Saturday evening reception and dinner at the renowned Chazz Palmineri.  The reception was sponsored by Fosber America.  The dinner was sponsored by Bobst North America. The traditional ICPF surprise holiday gift provided to participants was sponsored by Gerber Technology and Greif. 

The Muse New York, a Kimpton boutique hotel in the Theatre District, is the suggested hotel where an ICPF group rate is available.  Upon mailing their registration and fee, registrants will receive a link and a group rate code to make discounted room reservations.