University of Texas - Arlington Wins ICPF 2018 Student Packaging Design Presentation Competition

The ICPF Teleconference grand finale this past February included ICPF's 2018 Student Packaging Design Presentation Competition. Three student teams from Cal Poly, Millersville University and University of Texas at Arlington were tasked to show, tell and sell their packaging designs by explaining the objective, the research conducted, design elements and other background. University of Texas at Arlington secured first place, second place went to Cal Poly’s student team and the Millersville student team won third place. All three teams received a cash prize. These exceptional students have posted their resumes on ICPF’s career portal and are using the portal to locate student internships and career openings. The four minute practices videos submitted by each team n advance of the liver presentation can be accessed using the following links.  You may need to copy them and paste them in your browser.

University of Texas - Arlington Team 


Cal Poly Team


Millersville University Team


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