ICPF & Arden Donate Software to Appalachian State Packaging Lab
This month, Appalachian State packaging design students will arrive on campus to discover new design software in their university's packaging lab.  Over the summer, Arden Software donated 22 seats and faculty training to the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) for use in Appalachian State's packaging design lab in North Carolina.  Appalachian State (AppState) is the second of ICPF's 25 university partners receiving both Arden and Artios design software to further enhance their design knowledge through learning the two applications. Lewis-Clark State College, that straddles the border of Washington State and Idaho, also utilizes both Arden and Artios design software in its packaging design program. 

"By becoming an ICPF Corporate Partner, Arden Software has made a large, long term commitment to ICPF, both monetarily and through the donation of Impact CAD Software and ongoing training to its university partners", stated Jim Silianoff, President and CEO of Arden. “Many of Arden's largest customers, such as WestRock, Bobst North America and Packaging Corporation of America, use Impact CAD extensively (if not exclusively) and also serve as key partners of ICPF. Our donation to Appalachian State University continues our commitment to ICPF and the universities it serves.  Arden's customers, large and small, then benefit directly by having a knowledgeable pool of applicants from which to choose when hiring from universities.” 

Dr. John Craft and Dr. Mandy Wu, the AppState Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology Program professors overseeing the installation, thanked Arden's Jim Silianoff and ICPF president Richard Flaherty for the recent donation. "The Arden design software will be utilized at multiple levels within Appalachian's packaging design and production classes.  It will be used at the introductory level to help students explore packaging design and learn basic skills. And the Arden design software will be used alongside ArtiosCad software in advanced packaging classes where students design complex packaging structures. The students are eager to use the new software which will further provide them with the necessary education and skills to meet the rigorous demands of the packaging industry."

Through ICPF and Esko, each of ICPF's university partners earlier received a donation of Artios design software for their packaging labs.  A license renewal donation is provided annually.