ICPF Places Kleenplate System on ICPF Press at Fox Valley Technical College
JB Machinery has donated a KleenPlate system to ICPF that has been installed on the WorkHorse press at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC).  ICPF and the Glynn Wilson family earlier provided the WorkHorse press to FVTC in 1999 where it has been used almost daily for student instruction since installation.

The KleenPlate equipment and installation, valued at $55,000, will enable significant increases in machine up-time and productivity through continuous printing break to break, with virtually zero production stoppages for plate washing. The system additionally will offer significant improvement in print quality through minimized (if not eliminated) hickies, plugging, bridging and or color variation.

In making the donation to ICPF, JB Machinery Chairman John Bird said "ICPF's partnerships and ongoing work with over 25 colleges and universities are impressive. We are proud to have earlier donated dryers for the presses that ICPF has placed at Fox Valley and Clemson University.  We hope the KleenPlate system will further support the work being conducted by ICPF.”

Richard Flaherty, ICPF President, thanked John and JB Machinery for their contribution.  “We encourage other industry suppliers and corrugated manufacturers to continue to make donations to ICPF like JB Machinery and so many other companies have done."