Host an International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) Benefit

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) conducts its official fundraiser in December of each year.  The weekend event is held on the second weekend after the Thanksgiving weekend.

However, ICPF welcomes the support of companies or organizations that may wish to conduct their own fundraisers for the benefit of donating the proceeds to ICPF.  Following are ICPF's guidelines to assist in hosting an ICPF Benefit / Fundraiser.

If the ICPF brand, name or logo is used to promote an event, each individual "ICPF benefit" must:
  1. Be approved by ICPF's executive committee at least 100 days in advance of the event;
  2. Allow the ICPF president's review and final approval of all promotional materials and releases (electronic and printed) that mention ICPF;
  3. Have a targeted goal or an expectation of $10,000 as a net donation to ICPF, with all net proceeds being provided to ICPF;
  4. Clearly designate in the promotions the "anticipated" portion of the admission fee and the "anticipated" amount of each sponsorship that will be provided to ICPF as a donation;
  5. Be a function or event that reflects positively upon ICPF as an educational foundation that works with students and faculty.
All net funds raised by an ICPF Benefit are exclusively for ICPF to finance its operations and initiatives as determined annually by ICPF's Board of Directors. Per federal regulations, funds that are raised and donated to ICPF cannot be designated by the event managers for a specific use by ICPF.

To assist companies and organizations in the promotion of the "ICPF Benefit / Fundraiser", ICPF will distribute a press release and attempt to secure complimentary ad space in the trade press for ads created by the ICPF fundraiser manager / promoter.

Click here for an ICPF Benefit Reporting Form. For those companies or organizations that do not use the ICPF brand or name in advance to promote an event, but wish to share proceeds with ICPF, they are not required to acquire advance approval of the event and may make a donation of any size to ICPF.