ICPF University Awards Program

To date, ICPF has placed almost 13 million dollars in testing equipment, presses, CAD tables, grants and other donations at partner universities around the nation. And millions of dollars more in Artios and Arden design software. In just the past 12 or 13 years, ICPF additionally has created new packaging programs at 11 universities across the country by introducing structural design into their graphic communication programs.

Over the past year alone, ICPF has provided testing equipment to expand North Carolina State’s and Cal Poly’s packaging labs; donated a large scale flatbed printer, as well as placed 53 seats of Arden donated Impact software at Virginia Tech; donated 20 computers and 20 sets of computer desks and chairs to expand the design lab at University Texas Arlington; and provided a third annual grant commitment to Indiana State University that enabled the expansion of the university’s packaging engineering technology program by 24%. Upon the signing of partnership/asset agreements by the two universities this spring, ICPF anticipates further expanding Indiana State’s program by providing a large scale flatbed printer as well as anticipates providing an award to the University of Florida packaging program to fund 50% of the cost to replace the CAD table ICPF donated to the university to jumpstart its corrugated curricula in 2006.